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The price of the 2023 Nissan Murano starts at $35,525 and goes up to $47,075 depending on the trim and options. Since the 2023 Murano is one of the older options in this class—and it finished.

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Never miss a car! Get email alerts on this search. By subscribing, you agree to our Privacy Notice and Terms of Service . View all 17 photos 1 / 17 Used 2003 Nissan Murano SL 248,278 mi. $2,795.

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1. Merging With Renault Did you know that Nissan manufacturers hit a financial problem back in 1999 and almost went bankrupt? This is when the French company Renault came along and decided to form an alliance between the two brands, along with Mitsubishi as well, instead of acquiring Nissan

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In Wyoming however they are adding a special location dealer markup of $1200-1600 over MSRP (at least 2 dealerships I talked to). Even if you get it below MSRP, that charge does not go away. They have only a few (even just 1!) at the lots I checked with. It is more a novelty there, and they move slooooooow.

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Oooooooh, that makes sense. I new it was kind of sketchy that those car were selling for such cheap prices, I wanted to know what was the problem lol. Additional comment actions. I would not buy a Murano. Depending on your needs, I'd consider a higher mileage and/or older Toyota or Honda before a Murano. Reply [deleted].

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Nissan Murano - The Pros. 1. Fun to Drive. With a 260-horsepower engine under its hood, the 2022 Nissan Murano offers a thrilling experience. The engine is a V6 with a displacement of 3.5 liters, and it provides 240 pound-feet of torque. The continuously variable transmission results in smooth acceleration.

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The estimated price for one of these runs around $12,000. But there's much more to the Murano than just the affordable price. For a used SUV, the 2013 model had more than enough power under the hood. Nissan put a 3.5-liter V6 engine that runs 260 hp. Paired with it is a smooth, continuously variable transmission.

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Concerns surrounding the longevity of the CVT as well as the general phobia of largish petrol V6 engines and their fuel economy are the main reasons despite the VQ being a multi award winning engine.

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Why are used Muranos so cheap? hmm. for a 13-year-old car, doesn't seem too low of a price. In fact, I'm pretty sure muranos hold their value better than other Nissan models. The main issue with those models is their CVTS, but i have a 2010 murano with over 150k miles on it, no issues w/ the CVT.

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A 60k car for 40k. Matty M, Jeannette, PA, 08/01/2016. 2016 Nissan Murano Platinum 4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl CVT) I'm a 29 y/o male roughly 6'3" and 275 pounds. I was driving a Infiniti 35 before.

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Below Average. 7.0. out of 10. edmunds TESTED. The Nissan Murano stands out for its striking exterior design and comfortable seats. It also has a powerful engine. But that styling comes at a cost.


- GearShifters Why Are Nissan Muranos So Cheap? Nissan / By The GearShifters Team The biggest issues include worries about the CVT's durability as well as a general dislike of big gasoline V6 engines and their fuel efficiency. In This Article. What price tag ought to be placed on a used Nissan Murano? Avoid the following Nissan Murano model year.

How Reliable Are Nissan Muranos? YouTube

2021 Nissan Murano vs 2021 Ford Edge. Among the Murano's chief competitors is the Ford Edge. Its high-performance ST trim is a blast to drive. The latest Edge also receives an all-new SYNC 4 infotainment system, which offers a 12.0-inch touchscreen as an option. However, the Murano offers a more comfortable ride than the Ford Edge.

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driving experience. brakes. fuel efficiency. 4 5 12. Items per page: 5 10 50. Write a vehicle review. See all Muranos for sale. View all 59 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2021 Nissan Murano.

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Why are Nissans so Cheap? Primarily, Nissans are so cheap because they are mass-produced cars. Millions of people buy Nissan vehicles, so this helps keep the purchase price low. Parts and materials are also shared across various models, which keeps manufacturing costs low. Nissans being cheap cars doesn't mean they aren't good.