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Jake Dylan Wood (born 12 July 1972) [2] is an English actor and podcaster, known for his role as Max Branning in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. He has also made guest appearances in series including Only Fools and Horses and Red Dwarf. In 2014, Wood competed on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing alongside professional dancer Janette Manrara.

Geico Gecko Voice Actor Jake Wood Almost Quit After Pay Cut

Eric Schad · Updated on Aug 4, 2022 Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent. The GEICO gecko, named Martin, is currently voiced by former English soap opera star Jake Wood. After he left the famous soap called EastEnders, Wood found a home in voice acting, eventually becoming the voice of Martin the GEICO gecko in 2020.

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Jake Dylan Wood (born 12 July 1972) is a British actor, best known in his native United Kingdom for playing Max Branning in long-running BBC soap opera EastEnders and in the United States as the voice of the GEICO gecko. He is also well known as Kill Crazy in the eighth series of the sitcom Red Dwarf.

Geico Gecko Voice Actor Jake Wood Almost Quit After Pay Cut

While there have been a few different actors who have voiced the gecko over the years—the very first commercial featured Kelsey Grammer in the role—for many years, the character has been voiced by English actor Jake Wood.

GEICO TV Commercial, 'Gecko Behind the Scenes'

Though there seems to be some conflicting information online (more on that later!), it appears that actor Jake Wood — who reportedly took on the voice of the Geico mascot in the mid 2000s, after several actors before him — is likely still voicing the gecko we know and love today. Jake is British, which we can hear in the gecko's accent.

Geico Gecko Voice Actor Jake Wood Almost Quit After Pay Cut

In 2005, the GEICO gecko finally found his voice when he was voiced by actor and comedian Kelsey Grammer. Grammer's distinctive voice added a touch of sophistication and wit to the gecko, making him an instant hit with audiences. Grammer voiced the gecko for a couple of years, further establishing the gecko as an iconic figure in the.

Geico Gecko Voice Actor Jake Wood Almost Quit After Pay Cut

The current voice actor playing the role of the Gecko is Jake Wood. Wood is an English actor who starred in the long-running series 'East Enders' until 2021, and several films including 'The Illusionist' (2006), 'Vera Drake' (2004), and 'Red Dwarf' (1999).

Who Is The Voice Of The GEICO Gecko?

According to IMDB, Jake Wood, a British actor, is the current voice for the gecko — who is known to some as Martin, but that is questionable, at least according to a response from GEICO on the lizard's name. FILE - Jake Wood attends the National Television Awards at 02 Arena on Jan. 21, 2015, in London, England. (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

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The GEICO Gecko's initial voice actor was Dave Kelly, but then transitioned to Jake Wood, who has an English Cockney accent. In 2013, he was voiced by Andrew Randall, a London-born actor in the U.S.

The Geico Gecko Voice Impression Radio Production by SpotWorks

Martin the GEICO Gecko voiced by Kelsey Grammer and 5 others Hump Day Camel voiced by Chris Sullivan Maxwell the Pig voiced by Jonathan Maxwell Pinocchio voiced by Benjamin Rowe Parrot voiced by David Kaye Alligator voiced by Shannon Lee Holmes Lobster voiced by H Michael Croner Parrot 1 voiced by Fred Newman Parrot 2 voiced by Chris Crockett

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GEICO Gecko Voice Incarnations On BTVA: 3 Versions from 3 Titles ALL SHOWS (1) ADS (2) Filters: ALL VERSIONS GEICO Martin the GEICO Gecko Kelsey Grammer Dave Kelly Richard Steven Horvitz Andrew Randall Jake Wood Thomas Bromhead M&M's Martin the Geico Gecko Jake Wood GEICO Gecko Parody Versions ALL VERSIONS Mad (2010 TV Show) GEICO Gecko

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Chris Sullivan talks about one of his most famous roles as the voice of the Geico camel.

Who Is the Voice of the Geico Gecko? Did His Voice Change? Details

Who is the voice of the Geico Gecko? Who does the voice of the Geico gecko? Several Geico lizard voice actors have contributed, including David Kelly and Kelsey Grammer. Refer to this guide and use our free tool below to compare Geico rates. UPDATED: Jun 21, 2022 Fact Checked Free Car Insurance Comparison Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Who Is the Voice of the Geico Gecko? Did His Voice Change? Details

Car TV The Geico Gecko's Real Name (And Other Facts About Him You Probably Didn't Know) By Kenny Norman Updated Jul 14, 2021 The GEICO Gecko is a charming and charismatic creature who has won the hearts of the nation. via dksutton Previous successful ad campaigns suggest that animals create a strong connection between customers and companies.

The Salaries of TV Commercial Actors The Finance Chatter Part 45

I was upset. Moving on, nothing more to see x." Wood then retained his job with GEICO, and continues to be credited for their commercials online. He has also tweeted about his work with the.

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The GEICO gecko's original voice actor, actor Jake Wood, provided the gecko with his charming British accent and trademark humor. Wood's portrayal of the gecko helped to bring the character to life, and his voice became instantly recognizable to viewers. However, in recent years, GEICO made the decision to switch voice actors for the gecko.