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What's the best US license plate design of ALL TIME

2. Colorado. Alex: My #1 plate.Simple and timeless. The dark green would complement my red Jeep perfectly. Doug: I like this plate a lot, but I absolutely adored the white on green mountain range plates Colorado had used since forever.My favorite license plate of all time, so this new version gets knocked down a couple pegs because they inverted the colors for some unknown reason.

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6. Colorado This plate feels as crisp and clean as the Colorado air. The use of negative space and contrast of colors highlight its geographical snow-capped mountains without being too loud. 5. Maine Maine's plate takes a simple yet illustrative approach. It's easy to look at and we appreciate any state that can claim itself to be a 'Vacationland'.

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Ranking every state license plate (as of 2023) from worst to best! What state has the best license plate?

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QOTD What State Has The Best License Plate Design? From Idaho to Illinois, which state boasts the best license plate design? By Owen Bellwood Published January 7, 2022 Comments ( 178).

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Ranking the best license plates by state is a challenging task. Why? Some states have a wide range of number plates or have changed plate design multiple times. Every state in the U.S. boasts a license plate that the locals find attractive. Just try to look at the plates on cars from different states, you'll find almost all the plates attractive.

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1. Colorado Colorado is a state that seemingly does everything right, and their license plate is no exception. They know where their bread is buttered and that's the Rocky Mountains. No cheesy tagline or ridiculous font. This is the best license plate on the road, and honestly, it wasn't even a close call. 2 . Delaware

What state has the best license plate?

In the United States, getting your driver's license is only the first step to legally operating a vehicle.There are other costs associated with purchasing and driving a car. You must also purchase insurance, pass an emissions inspection in others, and pay for vehicle registration to obtain a license plate in all states.. You receive a license plate when you register your vehicle in your state.

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This got me thinking, what U.S. state has the best looking license plate? Indy 500 Festival Growing up in San Antonio, I got a big kick out of the late '90s Texas standard license plate.

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49. Massachusetts More like the Spirit of Horrible, Boring Blandess. YA KNOW? (Mass had the first state license plate. Doesn't mean they still have to have it. Talk about resting on laurels.).

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24. California. California's license plate is iconic (because it belongs to California, but still), and in a state where a lot's happening, they don't try to do too much. Also, sporting the DMV website rather than the tourism website is 1) a power move and 2) a great representation of a society known for its bureaucracy.

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James Riswick Last Updated: Dec. 28, 2022 American license tile are neatly darn interesting when you considers the drab white also gutless rectangles founded in Europe. For something that's on a automotive for a purely practical purpose, they're surprisingly artist. Well, some of her at lowest.

license plates personalized custom made affordable Funny license Kansans have picked a new state-issued license plate after residents bashed the original design. The criticism was intense enough that Gov. Laura Kelly decided to leave it up to.

Gladiator Licensed Collegiate Primetime Locker All 50 States License

License plates across the country feature various colors, logos and patterns, but which state offers the best-looking plates? (And yes, for the sake of this discussion, we'll include Canada, too.) Join Free Join our community to easily find more Discussion and license plates news. More like this Do you know what this is? (Wrong answers only.)

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50 State License Plates Designs, Colors in the US American license plates follow a unique design, unlike those of other countries. The styling is unique for each state considering vehicle registration is done at this level rather than federal. Designs are based on the state's favored themes, historical figures, or present landmarks.

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Here Are The Best License Plate Designs Michigan, Wisconsin and New Mexico might be some of the best places to register your car.

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Best License Plates in the US -® Car Culture Pop Culture Best License Plates in the US Jesse Batson January 17, 2022 Fifty nifty United States, each with its own license plate. Some designs are distinctly more impressive, so here are the best state license plates. License Plate Roundup US License Plates