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The Name 'Beetle' Didn't Come About Until The 1960s.. Pictured above is a television presenter in a VW Beetle car in the River Thames, near Tower Bridge on July 10, 1986.. The original.

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The first and undoubtedly the most popular is actually the Beetle. When the model was introduced in Germany, it was originally called the Volkswagen Type 1.

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Having been exported to many countries, the VW Beetle has gained an arguably unequaled reputation. [1] [2] The Volkswagen Type 1 automobile , also known as the Volkswagen Beetle or Bug , [3] is known colloquially by various names in different countries, usually local renderings of the word " beetle ".

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Not long after it first appeared on German roads, the Volkswagen Type 1 was dubbed the Käfer - or Beetle. That name survived the translation into English, and dozens of other languages, and became the model 's official moniker by the late 1940s. (Other nicknames: "the bubble" in Denmark, "coccinelle," or ladybug, in France, and.

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Jetta: Much like the Golf, the Volkswagen Jetta takes its name from the German for "Jet Stream.". Passat: Passatwinde is German for "trade winds," and it completes the naming convention for these 3 popular VW cars. Tiguan: The family-friendly Volkswagen Tiguan is a fusion of the words "tiger" and "iguana," making it a truly.

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The Volkswagen Type 1 automobile, generally referred to as the Volkswagen Beetle or Bug,[1] is known informally by a number of distinct names in various nations, most of which are variations on the word "beetle.". In fact, National Name Your Car Day is on October 2, according to Nationwide Insurance. The holiday provided Nationwide with.

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It could also be a Bug, a Vocho or even a Maggiolino. Those are just a few of the 50-plus local nicknames the hump-backed people's car has picked up over the past past 70 years. And Volkswagen says they are coming back with the arrival of the all-new Beetle just redesigned and re-developed in Germany and heading for Australia in 2012. It has given approval for individual nicknames to give a.

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The Modern Beetle. As we mentioned earlier, the original Beetle was in production for an astounding 65 years, from 1938 to 2003. However, prior to the discontinuation of the original Beetle, Volkswagen made a couple of attempts at evolving the Beetle as a car. The first one of these efforts was the New Beetle, first introduced in 1997.

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In 1998, the New Beetle—an early automotive adopter of modern "retro" design language—re-introduced the familiar silhouette to a new generation of drivers. In 2011, a third generation—more closely tailored to the original design —followed, and was the swan song of the Beetle. Volkswagen continued to offer special editions, like the 2016 Beetle Dune — which drew inspiration from.

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So we have a bit of a history lesson for you today, folks: In light of the recent National Name Your Car Day (yes, it's actually a thing), Volkswagen has shared the stories behind the names of some of its vehicles.. We'll run you through the origins of nameplates familiar to our market, starting with the Beetle.The Type 1, as it was originally called, was dubbed the 'Kafer' or Beetle.

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The last Beetle was discontinued in 2019, and while the name is dormant, it's one of the oldest and most iconic nameplates. In the U.S., the Beetle was sold between 1950 and 1979 (under the New.

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Search Speedcraft VW Inventory. Other names: Jetta - Volkswagen's compact sedan and one of its most popular models is named after the German word for "jet stream.". Passat - VW's midsized sedan, Passat, is German for "trade winds.". EOS - The EOS is actually named after the Greek goddess EOS, the goddess of the dawn.

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The name is cute. The car is charming. The Volkswagen Beetle has unfortunately ceased production after a long and iconic life. A rear-engine economy car, the Beetle was very tight for five.

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2 Turbo S. Earlier in the list, we mentioned the classic Baja Beetle, which was tweaked and created to perform well at high speeds in order to win rally races. Clearly, Volkswagen saw this and reacted, creating the Turbo S.This 1.8T engine provided the Beetle with some legitimate sporting credibility for the first time.

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Volkswagen presented the coupe and the convertible Beetle in 2016, with three engine options: a 1.8-liter producing 170 hp, a 2.0-liter with 150 hp and the most powerful, a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder.

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