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USA (1941-45) - Utility Truck (Medium) - 572,000 built. Probably the most commonplace truck of allied armies in WW2: The GMC 353 (and its shorte wheelbase variant the 352) has been nicknamed on the field "Jimmy", "Deuce and a Half" among others. It formed the mobile bulk of the famous Red Ball Express, the lifeline keeping the Allied armies.

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G-630: The Military's "other" WWII 2-1/2-ton truck. Designed by Studebaker, the US6 was an alternative to the 2-1/2-ton GMC CCKW and the International M5-H6 6x6 trucks during WWII. Though not widely recognized in the States, the Studebaker US6 was a mass-produced vehicle. Shown here are just a few of the 197,678 vehicles built in South Bend.

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US Trucks GMC 353, probably the most iconic truck of WW2 One of the heaviest truck in allied service: The T3 Dart Tank Recovery Unit and its T28 Trailer-Ford B3000 S -Ford V3000S -Ford V3000A, -Ford BB -Ford V8-51 -Ford m1931 -Ford m1937 -G8T 2-1/2 ton 4x2 Truck

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Truck Transport. Construction, assembly, and petroleum operations were vital but secondary parts of the American mission. By directive of the Combined Chiefs of Staff the primary mission was transport. An American trucking service, first proposed in May 1942 by General Somervell, was regarded by the SOS planners as supplementary to existing.

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Overall, the US military's truck fleet played a critical role in supporting its Cold War operations, allowing troops and supplies to be rapidly transported across large distances and difficult terrain, and this between the Korean War, Vietnam war, Nigaragua Intervention, Somalia, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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History U.S. Army vehicles on a road in Belgium, 19 January 1945 In 1939-1940 the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps was developing a 21⁄2 -ton (5,000 lbs, 2,300 kg) load-rated 6×6 tactical cargo truck that could operate off-road in all weather. Dump, semi-tractor, tanker, and other bodies were also planned. [5] [6]

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List of United States Army tactical truck models Tools From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia By 1915 the US Army was using trucks tactically, for World War I it began purchasing in large numbers. Early trucks were often designed for both military and commercial use, later military-specific designs were built.

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US Army Trucks in World War II: A Brief Overview During World War II, the United States military relied on a vast array of vehicles to move troops, supplies, and equipment across the battlefields of Europe and Asia. Among these vehicles were trucks that were specifically designed for military use.

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This page updated 9-25-2023. Federal Motor Truck Company World War Two Products: The company produced 11,167 trucks and tractors as accepted by Detroit Army Ordnance as noted in Table 1. Federal Motor Truck Company also built an unknown quantity of Type C-2 7-1/2-ton 6x6 606 Wreckers for the Army Air Forces and the U.S. Navy.

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The following is a list of Second World War military vehicles organized by country, showing numbers produced in parentheses. Afghanistan Tanks L3/35 (14) Disston Tractor Tank (2) FT-17 (20) Lancia 1ZM Citroën-Kégresse M23 Argentina Tanks Nahuel DL 43 (16) Fiat 3000 (1) Vickers Cardon-Loyd Model 1934 (12) Utility vehicles Ñando (5) Australia Tanks

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International M-5-6 and M-5H-6 Trucks in WWII. Ultimately adopted by the United States Marine Corps, the International 6x6s were fitted with a variety of beds in addition to standard cargo: dump, pipeline, tanker, telephone and fire trucks. By the end of production, more than 30,000 of these trucks were built and delivered. David Doyle. Updated:

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World War II armored fighting vehicles of the United States ‎ (2 C, 31 P) Pages in category "World War II vehicles of the United States" The following 37 pages are in this category, out of 37 total. This list may not reflect recent changes . 0-9 2½-ton 6×6 truck 6-ton 6×6 truck A Autocar U7144-T 4- to 5-ton 4x4 truck

1943 GMC CCKW 353 WW2 US Army Truck in Crawley, West Sussex Gumtree

4.7K Share 226K views 2 years ago #usarmy #militaryhistory #truck The trucks were the forgotten heores of the WW2 battlefields, being the main responsibles for the logistics of keeping the.

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DUKW, 2.5-ton six-wheel amphibious truck used in World War II by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. DUKW is a manufacturer's code, with D indicating the model year, 1942; U the body style, utility (amphibious); K all-wheel drive; and W dual rear axles. Also called a duck, the vehicle was shaped like a boat.