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Thomas Crown is a 36-year-old millionaire who made his money in investment securities and real estate but occasionally pulls off bank robberies. His hobbies include playing polo and gliding. He lives in the Beacon Hill section of Boston, Massachusetts.

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The original "Thomas Crown Affair" directed by Norman Jewison is one of the coolest movies ever made and great fun for all of its 100 minutes - a clever bank-heist caper combined with the sensual romance where both participants (the brilliant bank robber and his match, the sultry and shrewd insurance investigator) are sophisticated, quick-witted and oh so cool.

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C-103m. Letterboxed. by Jeff Stafford. Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen), an investment banker in Boston's Back Bay, has become bored with his wealth and life of ease. In a constant quest for excitement, he challenges himself with a risky venture - an elaborately planned robbery that will net him a cool 2.6 million dollars. The heist is succe.

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Billionaire Thomas Crown ( Pierce Brosnan) is bored and in search of a challenge, so he decides to steal a painting by Claude Monet, worth $100 million dollars, from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Insurance investigator Catherine Banning ( Rene Russo) is certain that the thief is Thomas Crown and intends to catch him.

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behind you, Catherine

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Reviews The Thomas Crown Affair Roger Ebert August 06, 1999 Tweet Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch "The Thomas Crown Affair" uses a $100 million art theft as foreplay between two people who, unfortunately, are both more interested in the theft than in each other.

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Summaries A debonair, adventuresome bank executive believes he has pulled off the perfect multi-million dollar heist, only to match wits with a sexy insurance investigator who will do anything to get her man. Four men pull off a daring daytime robbery at a bank, dump the money in a trash can and go their separate ways.

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The Thomas Crown Affair was produced by Steve McQueen's Solar Productions and distributed in the States by United Artists.The studio considered the film to be their tent-pole summer release, and banked on the pairing of the biggest movie star in the world, Steve McQueen, with the "it-girl" leading lady of the moment, Faye Dunaway to pull in viewers.

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A sexy insurance investigator attempts to expose the truth behind a robbery masterminded by a wealthy playboy—and to earn a reward for recovering the stolen money. "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968) Trailer Medium: Film Writer (s): Alan R. Trustman Director: Norman Jewison Production Co. (s): The Mirisch Corporation; Simkoe; Solar Productions

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"The Thomas Crown Affair" from 1968, directed by Norman Jewison, is a classic film that revolves around a sophisticated heist, intriguing characters, and a cat-and-mouse game between a millionaire businessman and an intelligent insurance investigator.

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Will he choose love and freedom over wealth and power? In an unexpected turn of events, Thomas ultimately decides to turn himself in to the authorities. The ending of "The Thomas Crown Affair" serves as a powerful statement about personal growth and redemption.

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Crown is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His disposable wealth allows him to employ men to participate in a bogus offence, which, in turn, will cause a distraction enabling the billionaire to engage with the actual crime: the procurement of a single Monet painting from inside New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Thomas Crown ( Steve McQueen) is a rich Bostonian who robs banks. Jewison wants us to think he has a terrifically complicated plan, and the film begins with a series of multiple images: a phone booth in the upper right corner, an index finger dialing a number down below, a guy waiting somewhere else.

Ending of Thomas Crown Affair Explained

The Thomas Crown Affair ( 1999) Ending / spoiler ★★★★☆ (9 votes) Add something More info Mistakes Quotes Pictures Questions Trivia Corrections More The missing painting was actually the one Thomas Crown donated as a temporary replacement, just covered with a water-based paint.

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Tearfully, Banning leaves and informs McCann. The following day, the police stake out the museum, waiting to arrest Crown. Banning learns from McCann that the fake Monet was painted by Anna; the imprisoned forger Knutzhorn is her father, a former business partner of Crown, who became her guardian.