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Make your Tesla unique by adding a full body kit, or a selective combination that suits your taste and budget. Tesla body kit upgrades can include spoilers, fascia's, bumpers, bumper inserts, diffusers, side sills and skirts, light frames, custom door handles, and wing and trunk lid pads. At Apex Customs, our expert technicians can install any.

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The Art of Choosing the Right Body Kit Not all body kits are created equal, and this rings especially true when it comes to Teslas. The sleek lines and aerodynamic design of the Model 3 demand a body kit that not only complements but elevates the overall aesthetics.

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→ Show All Body Kits For Tesla Model 3. Optical tuning with tailor or individually made body kits are a specialty of FORZA PERFORMANCE. Parts include carbon body kits, front lips, side skirts, engine hoods, mirror covers, steering wheels, headlights, floor mats and much more.

20172020 Tesla Model 3 IMPII Style Partial Carbon Fiber Full Body Kit

This body kit consists of following parts: - Front Fascia Bumper. - 2x side skirts. - Rear Fascia Bumper. - Rear tail spoiler. The premium body kit is designed and manufactured to replace the original front and rear bumpers. Side skirts and tail spoiler can be installed by bolt-on method or with weather-proof double sided tapes.

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Robot Craftsman "HACKER" Widebody Full Body Kit For Tesla Model 3 Material & Finish Carbon Fiber with UV Protection Clearcoat FRP with Primed Black / Gray Finish *FRP is a composite material comprised of carbon fiber reinforced polymers. FRP option comes with primed finish ready to be sanded and painted. Robot FRP Package $6080.00 Contents-

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ADRO offers a high-quality body kit for the Tesla Model 3, enhancing its appearance and aerodynamics. Skip to content. VEHICLES. BMW. F87 M2; G87 M2; G20 M340i;. Tesla Model 3 Premium Prepreg Carbon Fiber Complete Kit. $5,415.00 $6,075.00. Buy Now. Tesla Model 3 Widebody Deposit - Pre-Order/Non-Refundable. $500.00.

RevoZport Offers Two Body Kits For Tesla’s Model 3 autoevolution

3394 USD. Dedicated for Tesla Model 3 models, made after 2017. Includes: front bumper Stenos, rear bumper Stenos, side skirt extensions Stenos. Optional: fog lights (needed for Performance/Long Range), rear wing Stenos. Tesla Model 3 Stenos Front Bumper.

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Published: 28 Jun 2019 Top Gear Magazine Subscription - 5 issues for £5 1 / 10 The Tesla Model 3 is a remarkable EV. In fact, it's a remarkable car full-stop. When we put the 444bhp Performance.

Widebody Tesla Model 3 Has Active Aero, Naked Carbon Fiber

Tesla Model 3 Body Kits. Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Sport Package $3,988.00. Tesla Model 3 TMaxx Aero Sport Body Kit with Front and Rear Bumper Fascias & Wing Spoiler from $299.95.

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Vicrez V3R Style Full Body Kit vz102333 | Tesla Model 3 2016-2021. Want $10? Write one of the first 5 reviews. by Vicrez. vzn# vz102333. In Stock. $839.00. 10% off With Vicrez+.


Tesla Model 3 TMaxx Aero Sport Body Kit with Front and Rear Bumper Fascias & Wing Spoiler $1,599.95 Select Tesla Paint Color (Requires Selecting Paint Option Above) Custom painting will add approximately 2 weeks to delivery time. We paint after receipt of order. Powered by Globo Variant Option Recommended Add-Ons (Check Box to Add to Order)

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Since 2013, RPM TESLA has been manufacturing TESLA Accessories. We sell over 950 of the best products for your TESLA. Our products will protection to your car, allow you to personalize and customize it, as well as organize, and even make your TESLA quieter. Our stylish accessories will add a sporty upgraded feel, and our interior upgrades.


In Model 3, theoretically, a body kit should increase range. In fact, Unplugged Performance published a white paper claiming that their body kit parts increase efficiency. The tests, however, were conducted in particular conditions. In practical life, the conditions are not the same.

DarwinPRO iMPPerformance Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit For Tesla Model 3

Your Tesla Model 3 is fast, make it look the part too with ground effects or a body kit, and individual components like scoops, rear spoilers, diffusers, and more.

RevoZport Offers Two Body Kits For Tesla’s Model 3 autoevolution

The full body kit will include: Carbon fiber front lip Carbon fiber side skirts Carbon fiber rear diffuser Carbon fiber spoiler This premium body kit is manufactured from 100% genuine prepreg carbon fiber and is ultra-lightweight with maximum durability and quality.

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Show off your ride with one of these body kits—don't you want the world to know you mean business? Our skilled team carefully vets our performance-packed Tesla Model 3 body kits, parts, and accessories to help improve speed, aerodynamics, performance, and handling.