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Spira Electric Enclosed Motorcycle---Walkaround TurboBobsBicycleBlog 7.34K subscribers Subscribe 1.6K 341K views 6 years ago Yes, this is not a bike, yet is electric-powered and has three.

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So configured, the entry-level Spira4U will open at $6,000. Or opt for emissions-free mobility with one of four electric variants. For $9,000 you get a 5-kilowatt-hour battery, $11,000 buys 7.5.

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The US$5000 gas-powered version uses a fuel-injected, 150 cc Chinese Wangye motorcycle engine with automatic transmission which gives the vehicle a top speed of 85 km/h (53 mph) and economy of 2..

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MonoRacer is the perfect fully enclosed motorcycle for long distance travel. Enjoy safe high speed driving at PREMIUM comfort. This electric MonoRacer is fully equipped with: Semi-automatic stabilizer-system + computer-survey HT-Battery 31,7 kWh Combined ABS-brake-system Vmax 250 km/h Electric parking brake ASC (Anti-Skid-Control) Tempomat

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Lightning is working on an enclosed electric motorcycle. The company has shared video footage of the machine testing.

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Lightning has a history of record-breaking electric motorcycles, with the LS-218 hitting 218 mph (350 km/h) at the Bonneville Salt Flats and setting the world record for the fastest electric.

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Lightning Motorcycle Developing Closed Electric Model New teardrop-shaped design could greatly increase top speed and range. By Ben Purvis May 28, 2020 Will a fully enclosed electric.

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Spira Electric Enclosed Motorcycle—Spira4U. turbobobbicycleblog.wordpress. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Its somewhere between taking a car and getting rid of all the useful space and taking all the freedom of a motorcycle and caging it.

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Driving the Spira 3-wheel prototype. The Spira three-wheeler is a unique vehicle. It's one of the finalists in the Automotive X-Prize but its frugal fuel consumption and low emissions are only.

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My wife told me maybe I shouldn't shoot this video while driving---possibly correct.

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From the seller: Spira ( ( enclosed motorcycle )) up for auction Saturday gates open at 11am , this is an EV street legal motorcycle . Goes about 75 mph do your research on this bad boy! Super unique item to add to your collection #spira See a safer way to soil your pants at 75mph? [email protected]

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Many use their car to get their bikes to cool riding areas. Here is a look on how the Spira might do the job.

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E-Runner is a fully enclosed mobility scooter is an all weather 4 wheel electric mobility scooter with a weight capacity of 720 pounds. You do not need a driver license to operate and no registration is needed either. The E Runner has the capacity to transport two-three people at a top speed of 19 MPH. and goes 35 miles to the charge.

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ZEV Electric Models. Motor Scooters, motorcycles, trikes, enclosed trikes, pickup trucks. Models. Overview; Motorcycles & Scooters. LRC Maxi Scooters. M-S Motorcycles; 2700 Scooters; LRC Tilting Trike; Trikes. T3-1 V2 Micro Enclosed Trike; T3-5D Mini SUV trike; T3- Short Bed Pickup; ZEV T3-611 pickup; ZEV T3-612 Crew Cab Pickup; Utility.

Spira Electric Enclosed MotorcycleBicycle Carrying Considerations

The US$9,000 electric version of the Spira4u that we drove in Detroit weighs in at around 236 kg (520 lb) and is fitted with a 10 kW (13.4 hp) motor that delivers a top speed of 100 km/h (62.

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A 2 x 3.5 meter sheet of honeycomb core board is CNC cut and routed in a few minutes before plastic welding produces a strong chassis. Many standard motorcycle parts are used to keep Spira4u light, simple, and reliable. This new honeycomb core board was first mass produced around 2011 in Germany and then in China in 2014.