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Service Parking Brake is a dumbed down version of a Parking Brake Fault has been detected and you should look into it and get it fixedfor those that know very little about cars, they are saying bring it to the dealer to have it fixed, like the OM says you should do..


To turn off the service park brake on a Jeep Cherokee, follow these simple steps: engage the parking brake, insert the ignition key, turn it to the "ON" position, press and hold the brake pedal, then push the parking brake pedal downward.. To unlock a 2015 Jeep Cherokee without keys, you can try using a lockout tool or contacting a.

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Summary: Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain model year 2012-2014 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 vehicles manufactured February 15, 2011, to November 27, 2014, and 2014-2015 Jeep Grand.

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If your Grand Cherokee, Compass or other Jeep brand vehicle requires warranty repairs within the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty period, alternate transportation may be available through your dealer.

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#1 · Jan 18, 2015 Hi all, This morning I started the Cherokee (23k miles) and got the message "Service Park Brake" along with the warning light. The parking brake now engages every time I put the Jeep in park. So far it has not engaged while in gear (as others have reported). I am also unable to set the parking brake manually.

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0:00 / 2:16 2014 Jeep Cherokee Service Parking Brake Heidi Watson 44 subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 95 Share 37K views 7 years ago This will be the 4th time I've had my Jeep serviced for the.

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2015 JC "Service Tansmission & Parking Brake" lurches when you shift in any gear Hello, I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with 36,000 miles. It's always has had rough shifts, sometimes clunks when you put it in any gear. It usually hesitates when you give it gas from a stop sign.

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Service Parking Brake 2015 Jeep Cherokee CarComplaints.com Notes: How many transmission complaints can a new vehicle really receive? You'd be surprised. Unless you're a 2015 Cherokee.

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Issues in the brake calipers or wheel cylinders failing to release often cause locked electronic parking brakes. Other causes may include worn or damaged parts, brake system air, or hydraulic system problems. Accumulated rust or dirt in the brake caliper or cylinder can impede free movement, causing a lock as well.

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Only problem is the "service park brake" message on the dash display along with P inside a circle exclamation point. It just needs to be reset. The crooks I mean Dealer says it's $200 to reset. Anyone know how to reset error without getting raped? Sort by Oldest first Mark_ 14949 posts · Joined 2015 #2 · Sep 1, 2021

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If you're driving a Jeep Cherokee and notice a light on the dash that says "Service Park Brake," it means the vehicle's brake system needs to be serviced. The brake system is an important safety feature on any vehicle, so it's important to take care of any issues as soon as possible.

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• the date when the vehicle was first put into service — for example, as a dealer "demo" or as a FCA US company vehicle. The covered parts are: • Catalytic Converter. 2015_JEEP_CHEROKEE 15KL74-026-GB 8. Title: 2015 Jeep Cherokee California Emissions Warranty Author: 2nd Edition Subject: 15KL74-026-GB

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Just turned 25,000 miles. A couple weeks ago got the latest Transmission TSB TSB 21-043-15 which seem to have fixed the 2nd gear downshift issue going up hills - nice. I've had my issues with this car (multiple visits to fix various shifting issues, a week in the dealer to fix an AC problem.

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Ask an Expert Car Questions Jeep Questions 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, Service park brake message and… 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, Service park brake message and error code P0500 , 22 Year Factory trained technician Ask Your Own Jeep Question Ask Your Own Jeep Question Jeep Mechanic: Ask Your Own Jeep Question Jeep Mechanic:

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Service Park Brake: Troubleshooting and Solutions | JustAnswer Ask an Expert Car Questions Jeep Questions It says service park brake. No I have not. 2015 jeep Even after disconnect the negative to reset it won't let me drive the vehicle Ask Your Own Jeep Question Billy, Trainer - Master Tech. 7,139 Satisfied Customers