BMW M3 e46 3 series coupe SMG modified Phoenix yellow in Bramley

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A naturally sporty sedan, the 3 Series looks great with a few subtle carbon add-ons. These can range from rearview mirror housings to fins at the back. A great idea is to take note of the small but effective ways BMW enhanced the design of the E46 M3 and M3 CSL. The E46 remains a true driver's car and a much-loved version of the 3 Series.

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maddoxkay/ If you have around $80,000 to spend, BMW will sell you a new X3 M. The automaker drops the M3 and M4's 473-hp turbocharged inline-six into its popular crossover, along with a host of.

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Modified BMW E46 M3 Sedan With 500whp Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp LinkedIn As if building yourself an E46 M3 Sedan wasn't already impressive enough, this awesome modified BMW is packing over 500whp, and it's simply awesome on every level. When it comes to the M3, BMW has been rather indecisive about what body styles can wear the badge.

BMW M3 e46 3 series coupe SMG modified Phoenix yellow in Bramley

Equipped with an ESS supercharger, this modified BMW M3 from the E46 era is a veritable sleeper with nearly 250 hp more than the stock model.

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I bought my BMW E46 M3 in May 2021 with the following spec in mind: Coupe, Laguna Seca Blue (LSB) on Cinnamon interior, 6-speed manual, big 3 (rod bearings, subframe reinforcement and VANOS).

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Grab a YFood Taster Pack Here USE CODE MAT10 👉 found a Laguna Seca Blue E46 BMW M3 abandoned on the side of a race tra.

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The V10. This M3 V10 is company owner Tom's labour of love. And by labour of love we mean he seems to love paying lots in labour on it. Many different people's labour. Indeed, the project has turned into what seems like a valiant yet futile attempt to build the ultimate E46. Ok, perhaps it's not that bad, but it's certainly proved to be.

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The S54 is the 3.2 liter inline six engine found in the E46 M3 and the Z4 M. It's essentially the big brother of BMW's M54 engine, but built off of the S50 and S52 engines from the E36 M3. In North America, all E46 M3's came with the S54B32 configuration. There is S54B32HP variant, too.

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Modified BMW E46 3 Series mods from , from 1999-2006, mods include angel eyes, HID and Xenon lights (3k, 5k, 6k, 10k, and more), BBS r.

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The BMW M3 E46 would also go racing as the M3 GTR. It used a 4.0-liter P60 V8 engine that made 443 hp, and the car would win the 2001 American Le Man Series GT category in the hands of Jorg Muller.

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The E46 BMW M3is a legend in its own time. Just over a decade old, the E46 is considered one of the most iconic designs to ever come out of BMW, the last before "Bangle Butts" and "flame surfacing".

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Now considered something of a classic, the BMW E46 3-series certainly set the benchmark for sport sedans for years to come - the gold standard for the Ultimate Driving Machine. However like every good game that's come out, there's always a few bugs that need patching for things to be their best.

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This engine was delivered to the original BMW works team PTG who further modified it with a stroke 3.4 L to produce 468HP with 338 ft. pounds of torque. This power was right on the line with the torque ability of the HEWLAND 6 speed used on these factory works E46 M3 GT race cars. Did you know that BMW AG Motorsport refers to the S50B32 engine.

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10 Blue Magic Via-BMW The E36 M3 is the second generation M-badged 3-Series. Unlike the previous generation, the E36 M3 is far bigger and equipped with a much more powerful inline-six-cylinder engine. Though the car looks exquisite as is, it can definitely be improved with some custom parts.

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BMW M3 E46 With CSL Cues By Vorsteiner Is Pretty Much Perfect. After showing off a heavily modified M4 G82 a few days ago, Vorsteiner is bringing back into the limelight one of its predecessors.

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How To Tune a Car 3rd October 2022 Modified BMW M3 E46 | Lightweight Track Car Built for ultimate track performance, this modified BMW M3 E46 will sing for you the song of its people, and it's an NA symphony you won't forget. Feature from Performance BMW magazine. Photos: Deniss Podnebess