Restored A Breathtaking Miura SVJ, One Of Only Four Ever

Miura SVJ 3 August 2017 Autogespot

1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ 4892 - sold for $1,897,500. One of only a handful of Miuras SVs factory-converted to Jota specifications between 1971 and 1975.

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Among all the icons to emerge from Sant'Agata down the years, the Lamborghini Miura SVJ is considered to be the Holy Grail. The most special of the four cars built was commissioned by German racing driver Hubert Hahne. Now, David Hahne recounts the incredible story of his father's SVJ. Classic Driver 11 December 2020

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Jul 13, 2021 at 10:20pm ET By: Jacob Oliva With only less than a thousand units ever produced, the Lamborghini Miura is a rare vehicle. But out of the over 700 examples, only three are strictly.

Restored A Breathtaking Miura SVJ, One Of Only Four Ever

Built in 1973, the SVJ was inspired by the one-off Miura Jota, a test bed built in 1970 at the behest of Lamborghini's chief test driver Bob Wallace with the ultimately fruitless hope of being homologated for competition under the FIA's Appendix J regulations. At the heart of the Jota was a new-for-1971-spec 3.9-litre V12, also at the heart of the more extreme Miura SV, which kicked out an.

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Lamborghini Only Made 3 Miura SVJs—and One of Them Can Now Be Yours The coveted supercar sports its original engine and was recently treated to a three-year restoration. Published on July 14,.

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When it was introduced in 1966, the Lamborghini Miura was an instant hit. Not only did the breathtaking Bertone bodywork help it achieve a top speed of 174 mph—the fastest of any production car.

Miura SVJ

Actually the first official Miura SVJ, number 4934 with engine number 30685, built by the factory, was delivered to the Shah of Iran in 1979, apparently by none other that the late Ferruccio Lamborghini himself.

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This Miura SVJ, one of only a handful of its kind built as an homage to the original SVJ, is an important part of Lamborghini history, harkening back to a car that was the pinnacle of Lamborghini engineering and development at its time.

Miura SVJ 3 August 2017 Autogespot

It was sold in 1972 and crashed not long after, burning down in spectacular fashion. Still, the Jota was striking enough that Lamborghini customers asked for similar modifications on their.

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The story of the SVJ started in 1970 with the Jota (Spanish pronunciation for "J") prototype, a more hardcore version of the Miura SV developed by Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace with an.

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The Lamborghini Miura SVJ Is A Rare Raging Bull By Julybien Atadero Published Aug 1, 2021 The SVJ is one of the wildest Lamborghini Miuras. Lamborghini Gold as an element is valuable and expensive. This is particularly because Gold is a rare element and its shiny aspect helps its case as one of the most expensive materials that mankind has found.

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The one-of-five Lamborghini Miura SVJ; a special car as one of the few cars feature the tune and specification of the Jota race car with the quality interior.

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The Lamborghini Miura SVJ is a look into an almost parallel history of the Italian marque, where Ferrucio Lamborghini wanted to take the Miura racing against the likes of Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche and Ford. Of course, the reality is that Ferruccio had no interest in motor sport and saw Lamborghini as a company that would make stately luxury cars.

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The factory publicity and U.S.-homologation prototype One of only 21 Miura SV models produced for the U.S. market Retains its original "sperimentale" engine; benefits from a previous, concours-quality restoration by Miura restorer, Gary Bobileff Featured at the 1971 Boston Auto Show, as well as on the period factory brochure and the cover of Lamborghini Miura and The

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1K 30K views 2 years ago These are the Miuras of legend: the SVJs, built to order for Lamborghini's wealthiest and maddest clients. Rivets and air-scoops galore, exhausts loud enough to give your.

Miura SVJ specs, 060, performance data

The Lamborghini Miura is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 1966 and 1973. The car was the first supercar with a rear mid-engined two-seat layout, although the concept was first seen in a production road car with René Bonnet's Matra Djet, introduced in 1964. [4]