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Fortunately, Tesla is now making the 7-seat Model Y available for viewing at select Tesla showrooms. People can see it and sit in it, but sadly, test drives are still limited to 2-row models.

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Now, the Model Y has a starting price of $41,990. That's for the Standard Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y with 244 miles of range. It costs $3,000 to add the third row. In total, the.


Currently, the 7 seat option on a new Model Y costs an additional $2,500 on top of the base Model Y price. As of September 2023, this puts the available 7-seater Model Y Long Range at $52,990 in the configurator (which keeps it in the eligibility bracket for the $7,500 Federal EV Credit ).

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Published Sep 16, 2023. Learn why the Tesla Model Y seven-seater falls short in practicality, as we break down issues ranging from cargo limitations to safety concerns. Tesla. Tesla has long been.

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Model Y Design yours or get a trade-in estimate for your current vehicle. Certain high data usage vehicle features require at least Standard Connectivity, including maps, navigation and voice commands. Access to features that use cellular data and third-party licenses are subject to change.

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Tesla just launched the 7 seat Model Y along with the Standard Range edition. In this video my wife and I look at what we think about this option and if we'd.

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Model Y 7 seater - is it worth it? 2 Related Topics Tesla Model Y Tesla Electric vehicle Tesla Cars and Motor Vehicles 67 comments Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment wang168 • 6 mo. ago If you're family of 5 with small children get the 7 seater, 2023 7 seater comes with matrix headlights too.

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The EPA rates the 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range at 330 miles and the Performance at 303 miles. With our calculations from previous tests, we think it's fair to see around 290 miles in the.

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The 2023 Tesla Model Y impressively offers a range of 330 miles on a single battery charge. The Tesla Model Y price range falls between $50,490 and $54,490. Moreover, buyers can also find a used Tesla Model Y 7-seater for a much cheaper price. While the Tesla Model Y 7-seat machine is a clear sales leader in its category, the market is.

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For More On Our Long-Term 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range: We Bought A 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range For A Yearlong Test; MotorTrend's 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range: Service Life: 4 mo/6,059 mi:

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By Everyday Chris August 25, 2022. The Tesla Model Y is a 5-seater vehicle, but you can upgrade it to 7 seats. There are many similarities between the two, but a few key differences. The Tesla Model Y - 7-seater is currently a $3,000 upgrade, and comes with 2 extra seats in the 3rd row. I also created a Youtube Video reviewing the Tesla Model.

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Apr 9, 2021 at 2:24pm ET By: Steven Loveday First things first: We've said it in the past, and we'll say it again, we certainly need more female automotive reviewers, and this is especially true.

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The IRA is classifying the Tesla Model Y as a Sedan, qualifying it for only up to $55,000 for a tax credit. Tesla should only make the 7 seater version to qualify for the $80,000 SUV credit.

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Tesla Model Y 7-Seater: Pros And Cons After Two Years Of Ownership Does the Model Y live up to the hype after a few years of family road trips? Is it as family-friendly as these.

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THE TESLA Y 7 SEATER Parenting, Travel tips with kids, Travel with Kids TESLA Y WITH 7 SEATS REVIEW: A DISAPPOINTING OPTION FOR FAMILIES Car seat in second row of Tesla Y 7 seater The Tesla Y 7 Seater has a sleek and futuristic exterior. It boasts a clean and minimalist interior.

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In this video I go over the Tesla Model Y Seven seat option. I have a 2022 Model Y long range that has this option and I discuss whether or not it's worth p.