Hells Angel bikie slams exBandidos president on Instagram Daily Mail

Gold Coast glamour model at centre of 'Instabikies' feud speaks out

$ 19.99 First and foremost, you must always maintain a professional image. This means keeping your lifestyle and appearance under wraps, unless you're invited to participate in an official Hells Angels event. You should also be respectful of your fellow Hells Angels girlfriends.

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Angela had other girlfriends she partied with, women who could drink all night. To me, they were creatures of an unknown world. They seemed confident, talked loudly, and cursed with authority. Soon after we met, she invited me to the Hells Angels clubhouse for parties.

40 Rules All Hells Angels Must Follow Hells Angels Rules & Secrets (2023)

Rachel Dobkin Published: Invalid Date, A NOW-former government agent who worked undercover as a Hells Angel has revealed the biker gang's strict sex rules that he claimed, if broken, can get you in serious trouble.

33 Photos Of The Hells Angels That Capture America's Most Feared

Ad LendingTree The ex-agent said he quickly learned that there were rules about relationships with women — and failure to follow them could have very violent consequences, according to a new video.

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There are no female members allowed in Hells Angel. This hard and fast regulation applies to all Angels, not just certain charters. Any women who join the organization as wives or girlfriends should be concerned with the level of devotion to the Hells Angels. Read Also Everything We Know About Kim Levesque Lizotte

Rebecca Smith, 25, the girlfriend of murdered Hell's Angel Gerry Tobin

Dobyns ran with the Angels between 2001 and 2003, posing as a gunrunner and debt collector Jay Davis, a.k.a. Jaybird, and quickly learned there were rules about relationships with women - and.

Rebecca Smith, 25, the girlfriend of murdered Hell's Angel Gerry Tobin

6 Dobyns said he learned about the group's rules about relationships with women, and the violent consequences if those rules weren't followed. Jay Dobyns 6 The Hells Angels — one of the largest.

1960s Photos of the Notorious Hells Angels Biker Gang in California

The Hells Angels aren't just a motorcycle club, and according to Fortune, the bike clubs of the U.S. (and their international branches) have been operating as businesses for a long time. In 2017, Maclean's spoke with Dave "Shaky" Atwell, a former Hells Angel turned police informant. He gave a fascinating look at what goes on behind the closed.

40 Rules All Hells Angels Must Follow Hells Angels Rules & Secrets

30 Rules Hells Angels Must Follow. Hells Angels is one of the largest one-percenter motorcycle clubs in the world. The term "1% Motorcycle Club" is commonly used to describe outlaw motorcycle gangs. This 1% is supposed to be in opposition to the other 99% of motorcycle riders who are law-abiding citizens. The first Hells Angels club was.

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The San Bernardino, or "Berdoo" Hell's Angels on a run to Bakersfield in 1965. (Bill Ray/Life) In an interview with Time, Ray explained his interest in the women he met while on the assignment for Life magazine:

Hells Angel bikie slams exBandidos president on Instagram Daily Mail

A retired special agent who went undercover with the infamous Hells Angels biker gang has exposed the organization's strict sex rules. Jay Dobyns, now 61, infiltrated the Mesa, Arizona, chapter of the Hells Angels for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in a two-year operation between 2001 and 2003.


The Hells Angels are a tight-knit group that values loyalty and tradition, so being a girlfriend means adhering to some pretty strict guidelines. But if you're willing to follow the rules, life inside the club can be exciting and fulfilling. One of the main rules for Hells Angels girlfriends is to respect the hierarchy of the club.


1. Don't ask to join If you want to join the Hells Angels, don't bother asking. There's no application form, no formal process, and as the FAQs on the official website say, "If you have to ask, you probably will not understand the answer."

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Allaina Jones transformed from the traditional bikie chick look five years ago (above) with then boyfriend, feared Hells Angels John Fahey. Picture: Kit De Guymer. Allaina's current glammed-up look. Allaina's sister Rikki Louise on a date with 'Kaos'. Rikki Louise and Allaina have expressed their sister love for each other over the years.

"Yes I am a Hells Angels exwife but most of all I am Kerri" Author

Reckless: Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde in 1988 The sisterhood is still reeling in shock and anger. In her new autobiography, Eighties rock chick and feminist icon Chrissie Hynde reveals that.