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Specifications: Engine: 45 Degree, V-Twin Type: Air-Cooled, Side-Valve Compression Ratio: 5:1 Bore & Stroke: 2.745 x 3.8125 Displacement: 739cc, 45.12 Cubic Inches Carburetion: Linkert Ignition: Battery, Coil & Points Horsepower: 23.5, Rated Primary: Chain Transmission: 3-Speed

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At 45 cubic inches (740cc), the air-cooled 45-degree V-twin made 25 hp. Power was sent back via a 3-speed transmission with a hand shifter, and there was a chain drive to the rear wheels. What makes the WW2 WLA an adventure bike? The Harley- Davidson Motor Co. built more than 90,000 motorcycles during World War II for the armed forces.

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The two friends got together to build a motorized bike and by 1903 they had a prototype puttering around the streets of Milwaukee at death-defying speeds of 25 miles per hour. Harley and Davidson painted their bike gloss black and went back to their jobs; it was just a private hobby. [4]

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The Knucklehead engine models, such as the EL and FL, are considered iconic and highly valued by classic motorcycle enthusiasts, with prices ranging from $80,000 to over $125,000. A far cry from today's Milwaukee-Eight engines, the iconic Harley-Davidson Knucklehead engine debuted as a V-twin, overhead-valve engine in 1936.

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Mecum is auctioning a rare 1942 Harley-Davidson XA military motorcycle from World War II that boasts many early engineering firsts in the company's long history. Developed after the U.S..

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September 13, 2022. The Harley Davidson WL has been accredited by many to have been a vital piece of the Allied victory pie from World War II. Due to the reliable nature of Harley´s, they were a natural choice to receive the government´s contract to assist the take-down of Hitler and his forces. Also known as ¨The Liberator,¨ the Harley WL.

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To help alleviate this problem, Harley designed a three-wheeled motorcycle which was designated the "TA". The TA featured a powerful 68 cubic inch overhead valve motor nicknamed the.

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Who is Harley-Davidson? 1942 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles : Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles - Harley-Davidson® USA - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for sale. Find a new or used Harley-Davidson for sale from across the nation on CycleTrader.com. It started over one hundred years ago. A motorcycle. A philosophy. A way of life. Call it what you like.

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The Harley-Davidson WLA is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was produced to US Army specifications in the years during and around World War II. It was based on an existing civilian model, the WL, and is of the 45 solo type, so called due to its 45-cubic-inch (740 cm 3) engine displacement and single-rider design.

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World War II And The Harley-Davidson WLA. Although the WLA is a mechanically simple motorcycle, it's simple in the way that makes it strong - it's certainly not fragile, delicate, or temperamental. Harley-Davidson began producing the WLA in smaller numbers as early as 1940 as part of their general military expansion as WWII took its hold.

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The Liberator Photography by Harley-Davidson Archives February 21, 2012 Contrary to popular belief, motorcycles never saw direct combat during World War II. Their use was limited to.

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The story of an iconic model in the long history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the WLA, which was used by Allied forces during WWII, is told for the first time. Developed for the US Army's mechanized cavalry, the Harley-Davidson WLA became the leading US military motorcycle of the war.

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Harley-Davidson was the main supplier of motorcycles to the United States military during World War II. More than 88,000 WLA models were produced for the U.S. Armed Forces and its Allies, such as Great Britain, Canada, and Russia. The U.S. Army used vehicles such as this primarily for messengers and military police duties.

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The Harley-Davidson XA (Experimental Army) was a flat-twin, shaft drive motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson for the US Army during World War II. [4] Development and production Harley-Davidson XA opposed-twin engine runs 100 °F (38 °C) cooler than a V-twin. [4]

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The WLA is also known by the nickname "Liberator", as they were ridden by troops working to liberate occupied Europe. In Harley-Davidson Motorcycle model codes, the "W" in WLA stands for the 45 ci flathead engine. The "L" means it is high compression, and the "A" stands for Army. Harley-Davidson also produced a smaller number of slightly.