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Genshin Impact is a game released on September 28, 2020, it's an open-world game that takes place in a fictional world named Teyvat, which is divided into seven nations, each is ruled by a different god with a unique element, the story is about the traveler (Lumine or Aether) who is in search for their lost sibling, as their journey progress the.

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Wolf's Gravestone Weapon Model Constuction Block Set. Fan-made Merchandise, Toys. $ 89.99. Fan-made Genshin Impact Merchandise Craft your own 1 meter long copy of this ironic Genshin Impact claymore not by a blacksmith but by yourself using your bare hands and hundreds of Lego-like bricks! Sale.

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Published Mar 29, 2023 A Genshin Impact fan has an idea for an official LEGO set based on the game's Liyue Harbor, featuring several iconic locations from the city. A Genshin Impact fan.

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The floating palace is a good candidate for a LEGO model, being a very prominent landmark in the game's storyline, but also one of the most visually impressive and unique building designs. After about 7 months of work, I finally finished this scale model of the Jade Chamber, recreated as faithfully as possible (approximately 1/100 scale).

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Related: Genshin Impact 2.7 Delay Means Free Primogems & More Until Update. On the LEGO Ideas forum, ItzVriska shared their product idea for a LEGO set inspired by Genshin Impact's Dvalin boss fight. The set features the Traveler - with both Lumine and Aether options - and Venti, the vessel of Anemo Archon Barbatos, standing on a crumbling.

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A Genshin Impact fan has designed a Lego set modeled after the game's Liyue region complete with structures and character mini-figures. Released in 2020, Genshin Impact became one of.

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Fantasy Artifact Sets are different kinds of Artifacts that have different Set Bonuses depending on how many are of that set are equipped on a Character. There are 50 Artifact Sets:

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Mondstadt Venti (580 pcs / 3 hrs), Sucrose (651 pcs / 4 hrs), Bennett (619 pcs / 4 hrs), Klee (370 pcs / 2 hrs), Diluc (629 pcs / 4 hrs) Liyue Zhongli (791 pcs / 5 hrs), Yun Jin, Hu Tao (573 pcs / 3 hrs), Tartaglia/Childe (658 pcs / 4 hrs), Xiangling (460 pcs / 3 hrs), Xingqiu (823 pcs / 6 hrs), Xiao (716 pcs / 4 hrs), Yelan (550 pcs / 3 hrs)

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Genshin Impact is alread used in a few amazing builds but it would be super cool if LEGO would make Genshin Impact sets. I am a big fan of big sets like the mighty bowser, big sets have amazing display potential, and so does this set. If you can support and tell others to support too, this set can get 10.000 supporters and it might become a.

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With the game lacking its own official LEGO set, one Genshin Impact fan creates an incredibly detailed Jade Chamber out of the colorful toy bricks. Since the advent of LEGOs, there have been many.

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The proposed Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor Lego Ideas set is designed to resemble hallmarks from the city. There's the dock, a major trade ship, stalls, the wharf tower, and the crane-shaped water.

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About this Set: This set uses 2467 pieces to depict notable landmarks that come together to represent Liyue Harbor. The main dock Market stalls for produce, perfume, ceramics, and tea A street food cart The wharf tower and its connecting bridge A ship and two smaller boats docked along the wharf

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Genshin Impact Fan Designs Intricate Lego Set Based on Liyue Region By Carlton Murphy Last updated Mar 30, 2023 A Genshin Impact fan has created a Lego set that is patterned after the Liyue region of the game. The collection includes character mini-figures as well as buildings from the competition.

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2.1 Indoor 2.2 Outdoor 3 Gift Sets 3.1 List of Gift Sets 3.1.1 Indoor 3.1.2 Outdoor 4 Change History 5 Navigation Customizing Sets If the player attempts to move a furnishing that is part of a set, the player has the option to either move the entire set or the individual item itself.

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Lego designers can make their own projects and submit them to the Lego ideas site. Once the project reaches 10.000 supporters, it will be reviewed by a Lego expert. Now, the IP (intellectual property) of Genshin impact may be used in Lego designs! So I am allowed to design Lego sets about genshin impact!