1987 Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition Evolution II I love the cars

Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition King of the neighbourhood Classic Driver Magazine

The Koenig Competition, a modified Ferrari Testarossa, was one of the most successful and well-known creations by Koenig Specials. With a design reminiscent of the Ferrari F40, it boasted a.

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The 1987 Ferrari Testarossa Koenig is a limited edition, high-performance sports car built by German tuning company Koenig Specials. It features a widebody design, with flared fenders and an aerodynamic body kit, significantly different than the original Testarossa. It's powered by a 4.9-liter flat-12 twin turbo engine that produces an.

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition Evolution II I love the cars

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Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition King of the neighbourhood Classic Driver Magazine

This is how the most successful model of all the KOENIG SPECIALS, the KOENIG COMPETITION, came into being, based on the Ferrari Testarossa, with a 735kW/1.000 h.p. bi-turbo engine, which at the time was superior to all sportscars intended for road use. Cabrio designs were also made.

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.the Ferrari Testarossa Convertible.Porsche 928 Bodykits 1000SEL The 1000SEL Mercedes The 600-style Nose "1000SEL" Badges What happens when you leave Willy K├Ânig, legendary founder of the Koenig-Specials tuning company from Munich, to fidle with a brand new Ferrari Testarossa (the year is 1985)?

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In 1990 Koenig-Specials introduced an even more extreme version of the Ferrari Testarossa called the Koenig Competition Evolution. The bodykit was very similar to the original 1988 "Competition" but the design was updated with a slightly with a new nose that looked less like a Testarossa-nose "with some plastic", but much more as a complete.

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This car, Lot 220, sold for $161,969, including buyer's premium, at Artcurial's Le Mans Classic auction on July 5, 2014. The European counterpart of a U.S. speed shop is called a tuner. Like their American brethren, tuners are often frustrated racers selling parts and services to finance a racing jones.

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A Testarossa engine with red cam covers The "Testarossa" name pays homage to the famed 1957 World Sportscar Championship -winning 250 Testa Rossa sports racing car. [6] Testa Rossa, which literally means "red head" in Italian, refers to the red-painted cam covers sported by both cars' 12-cylinder engines.

Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition King of the neighbourhood Classic Driver Magazine

But that was too late, his racing career had already started to snowball and over the years Willy piloted a lottery-winning list of race cars including a Ferrari 275 GTB, Ford GT40, Lola T70, BMW.

Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Competition King of the neighbourhood Classic Driver Magazine

This is a rare Ferrari 512 BB "Koenig Special," a conversion that was carried out in the 1980s which included the full Koenig Specials widebody kit as well as new wheels and tires to match. Koenig Specials were a series of modified cars (often supercars) and body kits, developed by Willy Koenig and his team starting in the 1970s.

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Having been among the first tuners to begin modifying premium European cars, Willy Koenig's firm already had a lot of experience with Ferrari's Flat 12 engine by the time the Testarossa was launched in 1984. Throughout the late seventies and early eighties, Koenig Specials had created a good number of extravagantly engineered BBs.

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The car's acceleration was exceptional, going from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 340km/h. The Koenig Testarossa also had a high torque output, requiring larger and wider tires for better handling and driver confidence.

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The Ferrari Testarossa is perhaps widely considered to be the supercar that epitomises the 80s. Featuring a mid-mounted flat-12 and those instantly recognisable side strakes, this particular wedge-shaped prancing horse is very much the poster child for the bygone era of excess.

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German tuners Koenig took a 'basic' Ferrari Testarossa, replaced almost all the body panels, breathed on the 5L engine and added a couple of IMSI turbos for good measure.. Koenig started modifying Ferrari's in 1979 with the 512BB (a candidate for the world's first 200mph road car), cumulating in the 1000bhp Competition Evolution. If that.

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The most successful and best-known Koenig Special was the Koenig Competition, based on the iconic Ferrari Testarossa. Its testosterone-fuelled, F40 -esque design was real poster-car stuff and, if requested by the customer, its twin-turbo V12 could produce up to 1,000HP. Its list price was appropriately outlandish: one million Deutsche Marks.

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SOLD $221,200 Estimate $100,000 - $150,000 | Without Reserve Chassis ZFFTA17S000062833 Car Highlights A Rare and Special Custom Testarossa by Koenig Specials Swiss-Delivery Car Sold New to Donald L. Weber by Ferrari Switzerland Fitted with Koenig Bodywork, Suspension, and Wheels A Wild Creation from the Ultimate German Tuning House of the 1980s