MILITARY Russian Su57 stealth fighter infographic Russian military

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Gonky and Mover react to the F-14 vs Su-57 dogfight scene in TOPGUN MAVERICK. Mover Ruins Movies Part 7 of 8. • Save 20% off the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas.

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The a lot anticipated sequel to the 1986 blockbuster High Gun, High Gun Maverick, launched in theatres in the US on Could 27 and, very similar to the unique, was produced in cooperation with the U.S. Navy and influenced significantly by the Pentagon. Additionally like the unique, the movie was based mostly on the lives of elite aviators from the Navy and mirrored a number of facets of actual.


maybe it's a flash back, to when maverick was still flying an f-14 and it's the reason maverick went to the f/a-18. This didn't really age well. That's an SR-72, it's a real design from Lockheed Martin and was the potential SR-71 replacement until it got canned for satellites instead.

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Fighting the Su-57 at this point is a pipe dream that's never going to come true. Even if the Russians financially recover from this, they won't be able to produce enough for years to come. Who knows. NGAD might even be ready for service by then (hopefully). The J-20 though - that dogfight might well be a possibility for a Hornet.

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Equipped with the Legion pod, the F-15C would easily negate any stealth advantage that the Su-57 offers. Once the Eagle has spotted the Su-57, it would also be able to bring to bear its immensely.

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Designed as the successor to the popular Russian MiG-29 aircraft, the Su-57 is a twin-engine, single-seat fighter jet. Each of its NPO Lyulka-Saturn turbofan engines produces nearly 20,000 pounds.

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Unrealistically Awesome Dogfight. Top Gun: Maverick's F-14 Vs SU-57 Dogfight has to be one of the most unrealistically awesome dogfights we've ever seen in cinematic history, and we're not even kidding. Our favorite part of this whole clip has got to be when the enemy pilot established itself what a threat it was after dodging a missile.

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F-14 > SU-57. Not going to lie: I did like how the entire movie was spent hyping up how dangerous the SU-57's "Fifth Generation Fighters" were and how they would struggle to even put up a fight in their F-18's. And then Mav just turns around and dunks on several of them with a "parts rusted shut" "electronics unreliable" "I havent flown one in.

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Can an F-14 tomcat defeats an Russian Su-57 stealth fighter, like it did in the top gun Maverick? Well, it's extremely difficult for a 1970s 4th generation f.

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Most enticingly, one scene features what appears to be a dogfight between an F-14 Tomcat and what looks to be a Russian-made Su-57 Felon next-generation fighter or at least something very heavily.

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Not trolling, it just can't really happen now. well the f14 is close enough to the su 57 so that the f14 can basically shoot down the su57. The f14 is not close at all to the su-57. The su-57 moves at twice the top speed of an f-14, and it has a strike distance that is so far that it wouldn't even dogfight.

MILITARY Russian Su57 stealth fighter infographic Russian military

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Nevertheless, when you compare specifications, the Su-57 rivals the F-35 stealth fighter in many regards. For starters, the Su-57 Felon is substantially larger than the F-35. The dimensions indicate that the Felon fighter is more than 14 feet longer, as well as features a larger wingspan (48 ft 3 in compared to 35 ft).

In Top Gun Maverick, Maverick takes out two Russian Su57 fifth

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