3 MUST Mods for C6 Corvette Drift Car YouTube

3 MUST Mods for C6 Corvette Drift Car YouTube

There were a few people who doubted the C6 platform in professional drifting but Matt Field silenced them with consistent results at the top over the last fe.

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The Corvette C6 is a great first drift car because it comes with a great engine. The Corvette C6 has God's engine, the Chevrolet LS1. This engine has massive tunning potential, and it is famous for being used in many other drift cars and rebuilds.

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C6 Corvette SUN VISORS SUN SHADES VANITY MIRROR PAIR WITH LED LIGHT in stock at SCP. southerncarparts on 10-12-2023. 12-15-2023 04:19 PM.

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Rotary-Powered C6 Corvette Drift Car: Details The car started as a standard 2006 C6 Corvette but was stripped of the stock LS V8 engine for a Mazda 20V rotary turbo engine built by Pulse Performance Racing in New Zealand.

1060 HP Corvette C6 Burns Lots Of Rubber In Epic Hillclimb Drift

Check Out What Goes Into A Competition-Ready Chevrolet Corvette C6 Drift Car By Jeric Jaleco Published Dec 28, 2022 The knowledgeable content creator Taylor Ray explains what makes a competition drift car truly fast using his Corvette as an example. via YouTube, Taylor Ray

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"C6 Drift Build" Le car. Hi All,. proper sports car, and the smaller portion of the money on the minor modifications i would require to actually drift the car. The corvette seemed to be the perfect candidate with its great weight balance and strong drive train , and oh so popular LS motor platform that has already proven itself in many.

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THE BEST CAR I'VE EVER DRIFTED! 489Whp C6 Corvette Drift Review Taylor Ray 638K subscribers Join Subscribe 4.4K Share 256K views 5 years ago #203 I was blown away by how good this car is..

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0:00 / 13:37 C6 Z06 CORVETTE STREET DRIFTING *POV* KennySlides 25.2K subscribers Subscribe 57K views 1 year ago First time trying backwards entries at the favorite street spot with the DriftVette.

Is the C6 Corvette the Ultimate Drift Car Platform?

By Brett Foote - July 5, 2018 A small handful of simple mods is all you need to turn a stock C6 Corvette into a pro-level drift car. Drifting, despite the fact that it's been around for a pretty long time, still seems like the new kid on the motorsports block.

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Which is probably why Formula Drift driver Matt Field is ditching his Nissan 240 for a C6 Corvette. Field and crew got their hands on a flood damaged car to begin with, and promptly got to work building the beast in their Northern California shop, appropriately named Drift Cave. But the best part of all this is that Field invited the cool guys.

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Blu808, the team responsible for Conrad Grunewald's drift Camaro is hard at work on a second Formula Drift car for 2011 - a C6 Corvette that will be piloted by Luke Lonberger. There's a pretty extensive build thread happening right now over at Drifting.com that's being updated regularly. Here's a shot of the base vehicle.

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Dec 7, 2023 — 2 min read Johnny Puckett This wild drift creation has a bone to pick with the world. Perhaps it's poetic justice. The age-old tale of LS-swapped Mazda RX-7s might be all the rage in the automotive world, but now, it's the s Corvette's turn to play its own tune with a rotary twist.

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Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 Formula Drift 30 October 2015 Autogespot

C6 Corvette Drift Car Build. I bought a 2008 Corvette in Oct. Of 2019 with the plans of having a reliable street car that I could also take the track and drift. I chose a 2008 because of the ls3/tr6060 combo. Also people were saying that these cars were great drift cars out the box and reliable too! It was between this car and a C5 Z06.

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C6 Corvette is a Ready-built Drift Car By Brett Foote - June 7, 2018 The C6 makes an excellent platform for a lot of things, including drifting. Drifting most certainly isn't your average, traditional form of motorsport.

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V-8s forever. By Brian Silvestro Published: Apr 29, 2020 Save Article Watch on The C6-generation Chevy Corvette wasn't designed to do big slides, but thanks to its impressive weight balance and.