New BR changes aint too bad after all Warthunder

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Today the BR changes got implemented so let's take a quick look on them!Update: https://www.r.

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USA: F-5E Tiger II - The setup with 2xAIM-9B has been replaced by a setup with 2х AIM-9E without the need to research AIM-9E modification. Mixed setups with AIM-9E still require this modification to be unlocked. F-4E Phantom II - The setup with 2xAIM-9B has been replaced with a setup with 2х AIM-9E without the need to research AIM-9E modification. . Mixed setups or setups with large numbers.

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Battle rating (BR) is a value used to determine matchmaking in War Thunder. Battle rating is a number assigned to every aircraft, ground unit, and naval vessel in the game that correlates with their effectiveness in combat. Roughly speaking, as a vehicle's capabilities and performance increase, so does its battle rating.

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It's a 8.0 vehicle with Stingers strapped to the side and somehow that warrents it going up to 9.7 because Gaijin thinks MANPADs and IR missiles actually work. Weirdly they still didn't reverse course on the IR missiles when the Strela released and kinda sucked. 23. M1A1HC_Abrams.

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Planned changes in Battle Ratings have been implemented. Locations have been updated following player feedback. El-Alamein. Unfairly effective positions on mountaintops have been removed. The "forbidden zone" problem for SB missions has been fixed. Aral Sea. Several visual improvements have been implemented; asymmetry of the spawn zones has been fixed. Iberian Castle. A house has been.

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Talking a little bit on the update to the changes in BR upcoming this month! our Discor.

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The 2s38, even at the new BR can still be up-BRd (like it should) and not be a top tier premium. This directly contradicts your previous statement. They sell 11.3 jets with the highest BR being 12.0, which is within a 0.7 spread. And somehow that's not considered top-tier for Gaijin.

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Update 08.04.2020 ( [BR changes] Planned BR changes have been implemented ( LINK ). Additional helicopters from the recent major update have been added to ground battles in AB mode (for aircraft events). Helicopter pads have been removed in ground battles in AB mode as their AAA might attack players that have joined an aircraft event.

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I would have rather see no changes involving Tigers. decompression in the 6.7~10.0 range. mean increasing BR for a lot of vehicle higher then BR 6.3 (possibly reaching 12.0 to 13.0). With the amount of German BR 6.7 vehicles, the Tiger E at 5.7 or 6.0 won't make any difference btw.

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Yeah what was the point of reducing BR compression for WW2 vehicles if it is going to get undone immediately. If they want to differentiate between the WW2 tanks better they need to expand the BR range first. It's a shame since IMO 5.3 - 6.0 was one of the best BR ranges in terms of overall match quality. 30.

New BR changes aint too bad after all Warthunder

With vehicles like pakwagon and premium ebrs it dosent matter where you place them with the amount of firepower they possess. It's not about the firepower alone. It's that they have both firepower and mobility. The R3 was pretty broken at 3.7 but honestly I think they can leave it at 5.0-5.3.

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In order to adjust and improve balance in battles, we have made a planned change of Battle Ratings for fleet and aviation - and in ground vehicles, we focused on a specific BR range from 7.0 to 9.7 - vehicles that are from the time when a qualitative transition has been made from one means and types of defense to other, more advanced ones. For example, ground vehicles abandoned homogeneous.

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The changes to ground are honestly allmost all completely ludicrous. The Tiger E has no business being at 6.0 - it used to be there years ago, when the opposition it faced was considerably worse than now, and already wasnt worth it back then. Same goes for the Tiger II (P), IS-2 and M26 - if anything the IS-2 belongs moved back *down* to 5.7, not further *up*.

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13 April 2023. Dear players! We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. In the recent BR update we continued to introduce our approach to gradually increase the Battle Ratings of the top- and pre-top vehicles. This approach allows us to identify solid leaders and outsiders by combat efficiency and make corresponding adjustments to the planned.

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2 December 2021. Battle Rating changes have been implemented ( open the full table ). We raise the BR bar to 11.3 for the extremely effective MiG-23MLD and F-4EJ Kai aircraft to avoid or reduce the possibility of encountering aircraft of the lower BRs. We also are considering a BR rise to 11.3 for certain combat helicopters, such as the Ka-52.

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2 February 2021. Planned BR changes.. For 20mm armour-piercing ammunition on ground vehicles, the parameters of the expansion cone of secondary fragments have been fixed. Earlier, this ammunition gave a cone of expansion of fragments corresponding to the armour-piercing shells of larger calibres. After correction, secondary fragments hit.