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A collaboration between American truck manufacturer Acela and Dutch camper module maker Bliss Mobil, this particular expedition motorhome features exacting state-of-the-art engineering from bumper.

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#1 · Jun 23, 2015 I'm curious of people's opinion of the Bliss Mobil expedition bodies on a 3.25 meter wheel base Unimog. We are in the middle of getting setup as the American distributor for Bliss, but I didn't really know what Americans thought about the 11 foot unit on a standard long Unimog?

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13 foot unit With a dry weight of 1.800kg and a length of 4100mm, the 13 foot unit is suitable for any 4×4 truck with a wheelbase of 3200 to 3800mm. Since weight is key for any expedition vehicle, but especially for the more compact ones, all our future 13 foot units will have an aluminium frame and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

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With a dry weight of just 1.650kg and a length of 3.358mm, the 11 foot unit is suitable for any 4x4 truck with a minimum wheelbase of 3.250mm. Depending on the truck, the overall weight will most likely end up below the 7.5 tons, making this a very compact, capable and nimble expedition vehicle for two. All 11 foot Units come with an aluminum frame and 60mm composite walls with a PET core.

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There are currently five models available and they range in size from 11-feet for two adults, to 15-feet (two adults, two small kids), to 20-feet for four adults and/or all the American Girl dolls. You might be off-the-grid on the outside, but the interior of these mobile bunkers are all 5-star luxury. Comfy beds, full kitchens and baths, A/C.

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Bliss Mobil, based in Breda, The Netherlands, builds expedition campers from a shipping container template. Sizes are from 11 to 20 feet. They do not provide a truck but will custom engineer and build a sub-frame to attach the camper to your truck of choice.

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We have redefined independent travelling by introducing 'truck-independent' models, incorporating the unrivalled features and benefits of the container concept. The Bliss Mobil models are designed to fit all types of trucks. Their unique features make them truly different from any other expedition vehicles on the market.

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The 11-foot (3.4-m) camper module length reels total vehicle length in to 224 in (568 cm), shorter than a full-size camper van like the 236-in (599-cm) White Rocket. Bliss Mobil tells us the 11.

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The Bliss Mobil is designed for extended periods of off grid living, allowing you to enjoy and explore the wilderness without worrying about water, food or power supply. Water is the essence of life, and without it, you won't survive long.

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Expeditions Vehicle from Bliss Mobil. Exclusive comfort meets great off-roading capabilities - the Unimog U 5023 with a body from Bliss Mobil wowed our journalists in the latest test. The Unimog with Bliss Mobil body can tackle almost any challenge, despite carrying a small luxury apartment on its shoulders.

Bliss Mobil Keşif Aracı (Modüler Karavan)

Bliss Mobil is a new concept for expedition vehicles, an innovative container-style all-in-one box, designed to fit all types of truck. Rather than the costly customising of each individual vehicle, the company has introduced five uniformed models to fit five separate truck wheelbases.

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Driving the eastern beach of Fraser Island with Bliss Mobil Australia's U4000 and 13 ft High Bed combo

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The price for this Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle is € 357.000,- including VAT, private sale by customer. The current mileage is 17.000 KM. Please contact us for more information and make an appointment to view this expedition vehicle at Bliss Mobil in Breda, The Netherlands. New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

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Bliss Mobil, Breda. 7,960 likes · 6 talking about this · 36 were here. The Freedom of Independence is the underlying philosophy behind the Bliss Mobil.

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The Bliss Mobil starts at €180,000 ($220,000 at today's exchange rate), according to New Atlas. The company ships its modules worldwide. Source: Bliss Mobil via New Atlas Comment! Got a tip for us?.

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The Bliss Mobil is adaptable, comes in many different varieties to suit your needs, and fits 5 different truck wheelbases. These expedition vehicles are totally unique compared to other expedition vehicles. It combines modern design elements with superb technology.