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The Beta 300 RR comes fitted with Sachs suspension components versus its pricier 300 Race Edition brother that comes shod with KYB metal. 2022 Beta 300 RR Review | Happy Trails

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Updated: April 1, 2020 2020 Beta 300 RR Beta First introduced in 2013, the Beta 300 RR serves as the Italian manufacturer's largest-displacement two-stroke off-road motorcycle alongside the.

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The Beta 300 RR Race Edition comes standard with higher-end KYB forks and shock, and a few other cool items. The suspension change alone is a game-changer. Yes, you'll pay more, about $500 more, for the KYBs and other special parts found only on the Race Edition, but it's well worth it.

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The 2020 Beta 300 RR is a little bit of a sleeper. The engine works extremely well. The powerband has great meat in the middle and very good low rpm rideability. The engine also works well with.

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The answer: Who cares? The 300RR is here now as part of a very healthy class of 300cc off-road bikes. Back in 2013 it was all new and offered technology we hadn't seen before. Now, it's an established mainstay in a two-stroke world that has changed dramatically. It's playing a very different role.

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The 300 RR received an all-new top-end, starting with a break from the tried-and-true 72.0mm bore and stroke. Just about every 300cc two-stroke out there features the same 72.0 x 72.0mm bore and.

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The 2020 Beta 300 RR has a starting suggested retail price of $9,199 and is available in white. Powering this Italian motorcycle is a liquid-cooled, 293.1cc two-stroke engine. Related: We ran the.

BETA 300 RR (2017Present) Specs, Performance & Photos autoevolution

The Beta 300 RR received some significant updates for 2020, and we put it on our in-house dyno to find out how much horsepower and torque it produces.

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MSRP: $9,199 Roost Constant, consistent changes for a better Beta. Same amazing stability without sacrificing agility. Power monster two-stoke. Oil-injection, and has a carb. Endo Little bit of vibration, even counterbalanced. It has a carb. Suspension is soft for racing. Credits Writer: Jimmy Lewis


The answer is very good. The Beta 300 RR has an aggressive feel right from the beginning. The suspension is stiff enough for fast trail riding or racing and it turns really well despite having a "light" feeling front end. The power is smooth yet strong and prefers a taller gear rather than revving it to the moon.

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The core of the success of the Beta 300 RR is its 293cc case-induction two-stroke motor. It features two power modes, a counterbalancer, oil injection, electric starting, and an adjustable power.

2016 Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Test

Features: Six speed transmission, off-road light and meter package, adjustable power valve, broad power delivery, electric start, Sachs ZF forks with tool-less adjustability, automatic oil injection, easy access oil filter box, counter balanced engine, new lighter and durable radiator with more fork clearance for great turning radius, and new se.


The 2020 Beta 300 RR is new from the ground up. With a completely redesigned chromoly steel frame and composite sub-frame with fresh geometry, plus the new engine, bodywork, radiators, and exhaust.