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The 2023 Prius gets better EPA combined fuel economy — 57 mpg in front-wheel-drive LE trim — than the 2022 Prius, which is rated as high as 56 mpg combined in L Eco form.

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Motor1 says, "Call us crazy, but it might just be a 2023 Prius dressed up as a race car.". But the 2023 Prius is a wildly different car than every Prius model that came before. Our Colin.

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The new 2023 Toyota Prime plug-in hybrid gets all the stunning good looks of the redesigned 2023 Prius hybrid along with up to 44 miles of all-electric range. That's up from just 25 miles in.

2023 Toyota Prius Price, Rumors, Pricing, Powertrain & Price

The news of Toyota bringing a GR Prius to the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans automatically sparked interest. You had the company celebrating Gazoo Racing and the French event by seamlessly combining its.

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This model pays tribute to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its role in Toyota's development of racing hybrid technology since 2012. Inspired by the GR010 HYBRID, this model brings motorsport styling to the Prius, a symbol of Toyota's hybrid technology. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing continuously pursues the challenge to develop technologies that.

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Toyota was ready to turn the 2023 Prius into a GT racecar and so was Apr One might expect that Toyota has decided the Prius no longer needs a racing version, since the top iterations of the road car are sporty enough to make a point on their own.

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A GR Prius would have seemed absurd just a year ago. But the all-new 2023 Prius is unlike hybrids before it. It's shapely, offers almost 200 horsepower in its least powerful edition, and even.

2023 Toyota Prius Price, Rumors, Pricing, Powertrain & Price

The 2023 Toyota Prius starts a new fifth-generation thoroughly redesigned and updated inside and out. Every Prius now rides on the next evolution of Toyota's TNGA-C platform, which makes it a.

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And 60 judges in Japan just voted it that country's Car of the Year for 2023-24. This was the third time that the Prius has captured Japan's highest motoring honor, previously winning for 1997.

See 2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid Photos It's Hot Now!

The all-new 2023 Toyota Prius hybrid made its debut earlier today in European specification, but the details were light. Following the debut of the American Prius, we have loads more to.

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Photography Credit: Tom Suddard « » Wanna ride shotgun with the GRM crew? Welcome to this week's test vehicle, a 2023 Toyota Prius Limited-the "normal" hybrid, as opposed to the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. Join Free Join our community to easily find more Toyota, Hybrid, prius, New Car Review, Toyota Prius and Live Thread news. More like this

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This led to a 2023 Prius that is longer (1.1 inches), lower (1.6 inches), and wider (0.9 inch).. His father was a retired racing driver who opened Autoresearch, a race-car-building shop, where.

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By Caleb Miller Published: Jun 6, 2023 Toyota Toyota revealed the Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition, a racing-influenced concept version of the fifth-generation hybrid, ahead of the 24.

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The Toyota Prius Is The Drive's Best Car of 2023 Car Reviews → The Drive Awards The Drive's Best Car of 2023 Is the Toyota Prius For showing the world that hybrids still have it, the.

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Jun 6, 2023 Despite its start as a dorky vehicle for the smug, the 2023 Toyota Prius has really turned around its image. While it's still a hybrid, it's handling has improved, it gets even.

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2023 Toyota Prius 9 Photos It seems highly unlikely Toyota will come out with a true performance version of the all-new Prius since the model is still all about efficiency. That said, the.